Space Fitters

Wider SA fit out your living and working spaces.

Wider group of companies manufactures and install all elements that give charm and character to a place.

These pieces, custom-made, are produced by highly skilled professionals.

To meet your needs, we have described our activities by grouping them into four areas.

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Private Space

Espace Privé

From renovation to the building of your apartment, PPE or house, Wider "Private Space" presents the extent of our competence.

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Prestige Space

Espace Prestige

From an exceptional house to***** hotels and palaces via luxury shops and exhibition stands, the "Prestige Space" provides prestigious projects with high quality requirements.

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Public Space

Espace Public

From the layout of offices and museums passing through receptions, banks, 3 and 4 star hotels and spas, Wider "Public Space" presents its expertise in achievements dedicated to public use.

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